Orthodontic spacers, or separators, are often the first step in your treatment plan. Our orthodontist and team often provide this simple appliance to help you prepare to receive braces. To learn more about orthodontic spacers in Elkton, Maryland, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Julianne Wyman, please contact Wyman Orthodontics at 410-398-1221.

Spacers are used at the beginning of braces treatment. Our orthodontist and team carefully fit the spacers to your teeth, where they are worn temporarily to create a small amount of space around your back molars. After one to two weeks of wearing spacers, our orthodontist will be able to fit the metal bands used to connect your braces and arch wires to these molars so that you can begin aligning your teeth. Orthodontic spacers may be made of rubber or metal and which type of spacer you receive will depend on your specific case as well as the treatment style of our orthodontist. Not everyone will need spacers, but it is a common option for many people receiving braces.

When the spacers are placed you may feel some discomfort or pressure. In fact, it may feel like you have food or other debris wedged between your teeth. You may experience some discomfort as your mouth adjusts to the spacers, but this should fade within a few days. While wearing spacers, take care to avoid sticky or gummy foods that may stick to your appliance and possibly pull them out. We also recommend that you avoid foods that may get stuck between your teeth, as you will not be able to floss where the spacers are inserted.

For more information about orthodontic spacers or to set up an appointment with our orthodontist, give us a call today!